Deep Thoughts: Next Blog Button

i decided to do an experiment with the next blog button. several months back when i'd click it out of curiousity i'd inevitably be transported to the world of jesus and his many faithful disciples. a scary, scary place for me to find myself.

but now, that all seems a good place to be compared to the redundancy of marketting campaigns which now dominate the sphere of the bloggers next blog button.

95% of next blogs were shameless marketting atrocities. it wasn't good marketting. it wasn't valid in any way. it was just a bunch of keyworded text links followed by a bunch of keyworded text, followed by more and more of the same.

there's absolutely nothing wrong with selling stuff on the internet. that's very much a part of its appeal. but it's a shame that they don't even make the effort. and i suspect these lame marketting blogs are not so much the product of bored, ne'er'do'wells, but more the product of big companies hiring spammers to do the job.

is it so much fucking trouble to create a valid, substantial site to sell your product? it's not that hard. a table here, a text link there and you're good to go. at the very least, make an attempt at humoring visitors into believing the site is worthwhile. show some product. some relevant content. show some fucking brains.

i suppose the day will arrive, not too far off, when search engines figure out how to separate real blogs from bot blogs. until then, beware the next blog button.

it's really quite an unpleasant place to be.

and it really ticks me off that big companies can get away with this. cuz i just know it's them. it has to be. they're the ones that cause all the problems and do all the cheating that always ends up hurting the little guys. while they can afford to find new way to cheat.

way back when, in the beginning of the e-commerce boon, so-called experts used to fancy saying the internet made all businesses equal. those people, quite frankly. were idiots.

no matter where they go, the little guy will always be little and the big guy will always hire someone to make him look big.


  1. Spinning Girl hates "the button", though it has brought me a few cool blogs. Thanks for stopping by!


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