Deep Thoughts: Playgrounds

how does the bottom suit you?

fine as ever.

the moon slunk low in the sky til it nearly touched the ocean. and it was bigger and shone brighter than i'd ever seen before.

the chain squeaked with the motion of my back and forth. legs out, rush foward, high. then bend, retract, lunge backward.

squeak, pump, fly, squeak, clench, fall.

how does the bottom suit you?

no bother. can't get any lower.

i closed my eyes and imagined i was suspended solely by my own power. let go of the chains i clutched and leaned into the forward momentum.

there was one brief moment right as i'd reached as high i could get and just before the opposite reaction encroached, where it felt so real. that i did fly without these artificual wings.

playgrounds in the mind where empty swings still echo the ghosts that once moved them. the squeaky song of happiness repossessed.

how does the bottom suit you?

like nothing else could ever hope to.

playgrounds in the heart where that sand still retains every indent.