Deep Thoughts: Real

dark room. of course. is there any choice?

thick glass. yes. the kind that cracks, but never shatters. just hangs there in its broken state clinging to the fragments which once made it whole.

dark thoguhts. no doubt. what else is there to think? as tomorrow approaches too soon with proposals that yield no vows.

she is as i've known her always. trumpet waiting on the breath to expel. every rage left unnoticed. every scream lost in the silence that summons what we become should they leave us to be.

cards in hand just dying to show what pairs, what suits they possess. win me if you can. but always remember to lose gracefully.

we will meet again and be as empty as we were then. only as barren as we could be. together or apart. the bulb's burnt out. the switch is useless. but tugging on it i keep expecting.

i always will. be waiting for that break in the darkness. that piece of you which makes real dream that could never be.


  1. I think the reason why I like what you write so much, is because although there is a lot of darkness, I see light peeking out all around you.

    I feel like you still have much hope in your life.


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