Deep Thoughts: Sex

at some point in their lives everyone has sex for the first time. er, um, unless they die to soon. well, they won't mind. they're dead. or unless they becomes nuns or priests. then they have sex, but can't ever mention it to anyone. let alone blog about it.

the point is, anyone who does have sex has to have a first time. it's not something you can avoid. not a test you can cheat on. it just is.

my first time wasn't until i was 25.

there was a big snowstorm. there was larry. (a guy who kept nothing but bud ice in his fridge, had porn screensavers and little reminder lists on his computer for him to make the bed) yea, i kknew what i was doing. but i had plans. plans involving jealous people and repetent friends. and we ordered in pizza from dominos.

there was coaxial cable involved.

he was a tickler.

there was a brief period of actual intercourse. which i didn't really enjoy and then the whole event culminated in me trudging downstairs in the middle of the night to wash my comforter. you don't want to let those stains set!!!

in the morning, he couldn't back his crappy, front wheel drive. no wait, it was rear wheel drive. ford mustang out of the parking space. cuz of the snow.

to this day i wish i had a good reason for having sex with him. especially since it was the first and all. but i don't. i was just feeling foolish and unloved and would've taken even the most transparent reprieve from.

we didn't talk to or see eachother after that.

he honked at me as i was riding my bicycle shortly after. all i could do was laugh. because it was funny, that he could think he could hurt me. and even funnier that i could think he hadn't.