Deep Thoughts: Sight

the closer we get, the more we fear that what we touch we'll never be able to let go of. knowing only one thing for certain. that eventually it will leave us.

and we will be different people because.

not bettter. not worse. just different.

a series of knots in a long rope gathering grips.

he wrote and the words seemed to ask. what shall i say now? that we're everything we never wanted to be and nothing of what we need.

we wrote flacid phrases until i grew tired of the mundane. the past tugging on the loose skin than dangles from my fingers as i read.

what almost was. what never could be. not for the reasons you've come to accept.

still the hour chimes with a certainty. counting down, not forward. ticking off the life we've left to live.

the promise of only led to all those broken things.

the afterward, as easy as it has become, most of all that saddens me.

the darker it gets, the better i can see.


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    I luv your blog!
    You're very talented!


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