Deep Thoughts: Stupid Government

stupid government has done it again. now i have to use a check or money order to buy my cigarettes online. i hate the world.

sure, fine chastise us. we're the villains. we're the evil, evil smoking people.

and keep on kissing the pharmaceutical companies asses. cause well, they're helping people, right?

sure, they're helping people. they are. they're helping the people of congress, what with all that money they give them for those lovely vacations and fancy cars and big houses.

put the tobacco farmers out of business. go ahead. they're evil, right? they weren't evil 30 years ago, but they are now.

please do, save me from myself. i'm just a moron who needs the government to tell me what to do. cause gosh, i can't think of what to do on my own. that's just too darn difficult.

if i had any kinda brains i'd know better than to smoke. and i'd instead be dependent on vioxx or fen phen or ephedra or viagra. or whatever is latest killer drug the fda has recently approved.

cause really, if you're going to have a drug related heart attack you want it NOW, not in forty years from now.


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