Deep Thoughts: Travelling

just want to say, i realize this blog has quickly evolved into the ugly side of me. go figure, i'm not all sweet and nice. who knew? everyone i guess.

and anyone who didn't. they do now.

i don't feel bad though. no one else is always nice either.

sometimes these are blatant thoughts. unrepentant feelings. too revealing. probably. untrue. never. biased. of course.

i don't know what i'm doing here. or anywhere else. and so it shows.

can't blame a girl for looking for signs.


  1. Bring it on! If you don't let the darkness out, it just seeps up under your skin, an ever-present psychic bruise.

  2. Hey, this is one of your places you express yourself! So what if you have a few dark and ugly thoughts.

    Better you dispose of them here than by killing yourself on the inside.

    The question is: Do you allow these thoughts permission to control your life; not allowing yourself to see the beauty?


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