Deep Thoughts: Untitled Part 2

she imagined herslf laying down in her bed. warm cotton sheets gripping her skin.

she stayed where she was and tried to decide where it was she should be. now that no dreams ever happened under those covers.

she thought, "there are words everywhere. but no one knows what they mean."

all those pictures consumed what had been in her head. she let the shadow eclipse. becuse there was no light worth saviing.

he said aren't you listening. don't you know what you need. how much i am a part of it.

but she just left him there to tinker with the gears that drive what machines she doesn't understand.

sinking lower. but not low enough yet. now that the sun clings to the horizon and the hour predicts.

she stared into the mirror. seeing not herself nor a stranger. but some half-familiar enemy. and wondered when, if ever, the war would be decided. and she tried, but couldn't determine whether or not she wanted to win.

she imagined his thoughts. though she knew not what they actually were. how you wake up doesn't matter. only what state you should wake up in. those dreams all dead or dying and you wanting to remain with them. and shouldn't you know how deliberately i constantly remember what it feels like. the blanche in your lips as they would wait for, just barely parted. the tremble in your breathe as it anticipated.

then she looked in his direction and he turned his gaze down toward their touching hands and said, "how old are we now. how young were we then?"

she stared at the mirror and asked it could it answer his, their question.

it didn't speak, but she was certain of what it had said.

how hard can it be to just to be who you've always been?

still she stared at herself. at the face of her enemy. and replied silently to the them, that it wasn't difficult at all, but much too easy she feared.