Deep Thoughts: Untitled

she stood at the window and thought to herself i am.

she is helpless.

he is the reason why.

he'd woken up before her. long before. he rarely slept. he mostly would just crouch silently near the junction of her apathy and her actions.

"alone is not wehre you are. it's what you are.", the glass seemed to say as it stared back at itself reflecting in faded eyes.

he still crouched, but lower now.

she didn't hear him when he mumbled that she should stop. stop everything and go back to bed. don't waste another minute of your life pretending you can see through the glass.


  1. Wow! That is really great. I mean the emotions involved aren't so great, but the imagery is awesome.

    This post speaks to me.

  2. thanx tb. that's quite a compliment coming from you.


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