Deep Thoughts: Wagers

love is a paradox in that it wants to give as much as it wants to take from.

and there we lay caught in its dilemna.

too hopeful to denounce it. too cynical to worship its fading dogma.

and lost in the rift between all that cacophony we have but one decision to make.

will we wager all that complacency for a tiny taste of happiness. or will we fold. keep that hand of loneliness close to our breast. never showing. just leave the ante and all the bets for someone else to take.

i haven't decided yet whether or not i'm willing to bet on the hand i'm holding. i don't even know if i'm holding it. or if it's holding me.

cover your eyes when they look in your direction. and hope they didn't notice.

because the only way to win is to convince them that they can't.