Deep Thoughts: White Bread

i had this thought early this morning:

white bread is still white bread no matter how thick or thin you slice it. it ain't never gonna be pumpernickel. and it sure as hell ain't gonna be rye.

at 6:30 in the morning it sounded extremely inspired.

that's what i get for cleaning. all that vacuuming and dusting inadvertently reset my alarm to 5:30 instead of 7:30am.

i'm thinking it's a political statement, but i'm not sure.

please hold while i check the next wake up time for accuracy.

i thought i'd be more tired tonight. but then again, i think i slept enough over the weekend to go pretty well for several weeks without slumber.

i am a paradox in that i love sleep and i also love the sensation of having not slept enough or at all. thanks dad.

i'm banking on the bread thing being my actual deep thought, but for those who are unsatisfied with that...

no need to give love to anyone. nor to receive it. such ideals as constructed by the needy and the helpless. and i am neither of them.

no need to seek to find. just wait and what is yours will come.

or if not, you're better off without it.

life is not connections. or happiness. it is moments caught in suspicion. severence packages.

life is not for you live it. but to be lived by what it has deccided.

love is only a backward reflection of what you hope to gain from. we are lost in ourselves. always. and seeking a way out. never in anyone else to find one.

not imprisoned, but lost in the labyrinths. we'll never learn. to escape those mazes. and how sad for us if we ever should.


  1. I sleep a lot too. Last week I had 3 days off in a row from work, and I bet I accumulated at least 36 hours of sleep in those three days.

    I grew up with parents that slept a lot.

    My mom more-so than my dad. I was raised that way. I was convinced for a long time that my parent's were vampires.

    I'm not sure if it is a reflection of my growing up, or my depression, or if I'm just plain lazy.

    Whatever the reason, I enjoy sleeping. And I'm convinced I could win a gold-medal in the Olympics should they ever include sleeping as a competition.

    But even when I'm awake, half the time I'm just staring at the televison, laying in bed, in some trance-like coma.


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