Dream a Little Dream

all my life i've heard tales of people dreaming about one thing or the other. a certain kitchen. a house. children. a spouse. a job. a book with their name on it.

and to be completely honest, i don't understand.

i wake up and am discouraged by that fact. after i get over it, i just hope i can make it through the day without saying anything nasty.

when we did our yearbook blurbs in senior year of high school, my aspiratiosn was poet/artist/burden on society.

it was funnier then.

in truth, i didn't see my life lasting much beyond graduation.

unfortunately, it did.

i always wonder about what people 'dream' of having. wonder why for one. how that stainless steel stove will plug the holes in their heart. how that ornate wedding dress will negate all those years of torment they suffered. or even if, anyone, really wants anything, except to own. to know what they desire is theirs.

and even if it should become theirs. what then, would they find to covet.

how then would life go on, now that they have what they wanted.


  1. In seventh grade English class I was to write a paper on what my biggest goal in life was.

    It was simple really. Happiness. Happiness was my biggest goal. I guess you could classify it as a dream.

    To this day, happiness is still my biggest desire.

    It certainly would be interesting to see what others dream about.

  2. The people that aspire to material goods fall into a couple categories:
    1. Some of them are happy and don't need anything deeper in their lives to be happier.
    2. Others associate happiness and success (of the deeper levels even) with material goods. They really pretend that the satisfactions of being a good person and being loved relate to a new stove.

  3. dena: me thinks happiness is the holy grail of modern day existence.

    curiousdragon: interesting points. but when you think about it, isn't it so much easier to equate happiness with something you can purchase. something wholly within your grasp. can't really blame anyone for doing it. just can't convince myself to buy into it.


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