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update: decision finalized. askapothead it is. if he still wants. guess i need to contact him.


so far, two votes for askapothead. which, the concept i love. one vote from a very loyal, but very god-oriented reader. i just have a problem with people who think there's a supreme being who devotes all its time to caring for the likes of us. can you say 'narcissm'? and one vote from saddest girl with a martini, who never did link to me, even though i so generously linked to her. not that that's a factor. ok, well, maybe it is.

i'm leaning toward the pothead. cuz i love potheads. they're so mellow. i don't prefer pot myself (it makes me cranky), but potheads they're such a nice, complacent breed of person.


so after the tattooed brain design went over well, i'm thinking of maybe doing another freebie for some other blogger.

so who wants one?

and why do you deserve it?


  1. I would LOVE if you would set me up with something that is more like me.

    Why would I deserve such a wonderful gift?

    Well, I don't deserve it. But I would be honored to have a complete stranger challenge themselves to create something that reflects my personality. A personality that you have only been able to assume since we have discovered eachother's writings.

    I'm one of your biggest fans S. You've even inspired me to turn my pain into poetry. I, however, am not as talented as you at creating such great reading material.

    And besides, what the hell else do you have to do? I'd be willing to pay you with SpongeBob items...

    Ball's in your court, sister.

  2. Hey, maybe Chronic the Hedgehog. He has an idea for a new blog you might like.

  3. I would love a makeover. Deserve it? Probably not. But I have to rely on the kindness of strangers to do it for me cause I suck at this stuff.

  4. R U Serious called my attention to this site.

    I've got a new site: it needs some style. I don't deserve the help.. it's not for me... it's for the readers. they're the ones stuck looking at a boring blogger template.

  5. So I uh... win?


    What do you need from me?


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