Liquids and Solids

the deeper you dig, the less you need the surface.

waning as it will. sun with its throat cut. bleeding light until there's only darkness.

underneath yourself. your life. nothing matters except how you feel right now. how you can find to feel less yourself than you did then.

and convince yourself they never knew. you were never vulnerable. only became the string you wanted the cat to paw at with its sharp claws. bleed. just a little bit.

jackals in friends' clothes. pitchfork greeting cards posted in your mailbox.

it's just liquid. that's all. another way to float.

or that's what you tell yourself.

tower. castle. moat. what's the difference.

the only thing that matters is the drawbridge. and it's closed.

wear your high tower like a party dress and dance to the music of your disease. you'll never be alone so long as you have it.


  1. Call me crazy, but I think your poetry would make incredible music. Don't you think so?


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