Dark Deep Thoughts for the Day

i like to think i'm good at being objective. even if i'm not, i still like to think it. if only because the world is full of people less objective than i am.

i try to avoid hate. there are good feelings and bad ones. but none need be so extreme.

i like to search for the good in people. though it's not ibvious. i really do.

but am constantly distappointed. such lack of anything. so many voids in theworlds. faces without anything except vacuums behind them. they suck me in. and it takeas a while to free myself.

i like to remember how good it once felt, even though such is not the case anymore. it's comforting to know it once was. be it in reality or only perception. i'd rather not decide which is more relevatnt.

better still to just accept what walls the maze has shifted to accomodate.

if the cheese is in your grasp does it really matter how you obtained it. if the cheese is there devour it. and when that feeling of satisfaction wears off again just begin your hunt for the same again.

don't expct resolution. don't seek happiness.

just grab what you can. and be thankful if it grabs back.


  1. I would have to say that today's post, although I am not sure how you meant for it to be, is probably the most uplifting I have read so far.

    I can relate to your feelings of constant disappointment. I can also relate to the vaccums that suck me in.

    Whether or not in your past when you felt good, either in reality or perception, is not relevant. What remains is that you have felt that way, therefore that happiness indeed exists. It's just that it's not easy to find it sometimes, but I find joy in that. Makes life a challenge I guess. And boy, do I like a challenge!

    Your last paragraph was very poignant. You said: If the cheese is there, devour it. And when that feeling of satisfaction wears off again, just begin your hunt for the same again." As cheesy (pun intended) as that paragraph is, hope is hidden in those words. Upon reading that, I smiled.

    You said: "Don't expect resolution. Don't seek happiness."
    It is better sometimes I feel that we just live our lives to the best of our ability without depending so much on those two things. Without even realizing it seems you will still find resolution and happiness, but without having the expectations in the first place. Those are wonderful surprises.

    You said: "Just grab what you can. And be thankful if it grabs you back."

    I couldn't have said it better myself.


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