Deep Thoughts: Cancellation

so tonight i finally decided to call and cancel my account. i cut up the first renewal card they sent me, but that didn't work. so when i got the second i held onto it and figured i'd have to make the call.

they asked me why i didn't want their card anymore. cuz hell, i'm a good cutomer. always pay the the balance every month.

and at first i said i have too many cards. but then they tranferred me and pressed me for answers and i broke down and said i don't like the american flag design that came as the discover card platinum default.

and she offered me other designs, but that wasn't the point.

i couldn't think of the word then, but presumptuous, that's the word. visa and mastercard have never presumed my patriotism. if discover should feel its within their power to divine my loyalties and they should divine them wrong, well, that's their loss.

in a world full of turmoil such as our is now, that last thing a business should do is draw lines.

you can't just assume i love this country regardless of the atrocities it commits. and if you do, well fuck off. find another sucker.

i don't need you. you need me. and that's the integral principle the united states government and its voters have forgotten.

if you just say i don't wnat it, they can't sell it to you.

it's not hard. as nancy reagan would say. just say NO!

and if it's true that the majority of americans support the genocide of innocent iraquis, well, then, i would like to hereby resign form the human race.

discover reality. it's not at all like the what you see on tv.


  1. DUDE if you cant use a credit card because it has a flag on it you need to get another card and get therapy. if i didn't use things because something offended me OMG i would have to stay in my home all the time.

    i mean its your prerogative but seems a little minor, given the other issues you have in your life


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