Deep Thoughts: Communications

a few days ago i ditched my voicemail from verizon. it cost $9.50/month and at best i got 1.5 messages/year.

so with the $50 target gift card i got from bro i got a motorolla cordless phone/digital answering machine and some new underwear.

cuz really, all people under the age of 65 are bound by law to have some sort of electronic device answer their phone when they can't. it's true. really.

but how sad is that? that was actually the first thing that it occured to me to purchase with the gift card. new freaking underwear. you know you're old when you want buy yourself underwear for your birthday.

the underwear's fine though, the phone no so much. it has a huge display with an led of the number of messages. which of course is and probably always will be ZERO. and it's just staring at me. mocking me. big old red ZERO in my face all day. all night.

how fitting.

not that i want messages. i just don't want the zero staring at me like it does. if it were up to me i'd have no answering machine. no voicemail either. but as i said, it is the law. i don't want to go to jail. that environment would be entirely too social for me to survive.

as far as i'm concerned communication is highly overrated. all it ever results in is knowing things; knowing people. and the things i know and the people i thought i did, that i could do without.