Deep Thoughts: Controversy

ya try to write something controversial. stir things up a bit. if i had a more popular blog that whole fertility, killing embryoes thing would be huge. btu i'm not popular. not me. not my blog. it's just not in my nature to be popular. i am not a crowd pleaser. charisma. about as real to me as god is. for anyone keeping score, that would be not at all.

i had another what would be controversial thought if spouted by someone more appealling to the masses, but now i don't know why i should bother. i guess like anything i write, it's just about writing it. not who reads it.

here's the thing, the american mentality of decency is so skewed. i'm talking fcc decency clauses and stuff like that. what's allowed on tv and what isn't.

we already know the fundamentals of these decency concepts are wholly based upon jeudo-christian morality.

hence the lack of good and or believable sex scenes. no one and i mean no one, has sex the way they do on tv. guy laying ontop of woman, barely moving. if that was the actual sex act, no one would bother.

but violence. that's a plenty. and it's realistic and it's gruesome.

how. how fucked up is that. morality condones exposing children and teens to graphic violence. people gutting other people. brains splattering and blood everywhere. that's fine. that's moral. that's how god intended it.

but sex. that's evil. we don't want our children growing up thinking sex is good. no. no. no. we want them growing up thinking violence is the answer. make violence. make pain. make death. but don't you dare make love. or you're going straight to hell.

except we're already in hell. trapped in a country of too many believers and not enough thinkers.


  1. Agreed.

    But how long will sex be bad? I mean, look at the rate at which our society is changing. A long, long time ago, people were not exposed to anything nearly as sexual as what we are these days in the media. How many commercials have skimpily clad women for no reason? Old women from back in the olden times would have heart attacks just watching some of the commercials that we show these days.

    Umm...Hi. Randomly found your blog and was intrigued.


  2. Coming from a woman who has had over 30 sexual partners since the age of 19; I have a fairly biased opinion on sex.

    Sex is overrated.

  3. On a sidenote, I partially agree with your statement about us already living in hell.

    The hell that we live in now is barely the cusp to what lies ahead.


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