Deep Thoughts: Elemental

people change me. temporarily. there are several people i can think of who do this. and it's not that i'm affecting some facade for them. not at all. it's more like a chemical reaction. put me in hot water and i expand. put me into cold and i contract. lukewarm is anyone's guess.

and i find it kinda annerving. that people can alter me. makes me feel more like an element than a person. makes me want a box on the periodic table. a symbol and all that. if i must be so inclined to chemical reactions, i ought to at least have some principles upon which to understand.

but then again, the interactions of humans have long been equated with the theorums of science. matches. sparks. flames. chemistry.

everyday we allude to the fact that we're at the mercy of the oil and gasoline inside our organic grey matter. one lubricates. the other powers. and all those chips in there. when they go off. we don't listen. we obey.

when i think about it, the entire human body is organic matter. water, iron, other such elements. why else would we need to ingest calcium and ribloflavin to stay alive. they're a part of us. we're more science than we are psychology. people like me, poets, musicians, artists, like to give it all more ambiguous, more romantic meanings. and everyone else likes to agree. because no one wants to think of themselves as some science project.

but in the end, when you strip away all the pretty words and the daydreams, that's all we are. elements interacting and colliding. mostly creating stinky explosions. occasionally making sparks.

and as much as we might want to resist those facts. there's nothing we can do about that. i am different with him, her, all of them. and i can't stop it. we are chemical. we are volatile. all we can do is take note of the effects and mix with others accordingly.

i for one, opt for the explosion. but all those tony pieces are a bitch to get our of your hair.


  1. How do you know for sure that people change you only temporarily?

    Change is change. It happens even if we don't want or expect it to.


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