Deep Thoughts: Goodbye Ozzy Max

we had been anticipating it. discussing it. the cat was very old. he hasn't been able to get upstairs for a long time. lately he could barely walk. his legs would slip out from under him.

then this afternoon, she made the call, and in an instant the sun went out. all was dark.

now. we have to go now.

"i couldn't make an appointment. couldn't set an execution date. it has to be now."

and off the three of us went.

and half an hour later, home the two of us came.

empty handed and swollen-hearted.

she cried. a lot. i can't. it's all i can do to not freak out that she's crying. i broke down and hugged her, just a few minutes ago, after a few beers. i think that made her feel better. see, alcohol isn't all bad.

it's weird. no waterbowl. no litterbox. no one to pet and talk silly to. i keep expecting to find him there when i go downstairs. so i can't imagine how she feels. they were always together.

when my cat, malcolm, was put to sleep it was all very sudden. my mother and father went off to the vet with him and i fully expected them to return with him. only they didn't.

but this time, no father. just me and mom. and ozzy. for the first half of the trip anyway.

i know everything has to die. and i fully endorse euthenasia. one shot and in a few seconds he fell peacefully asleep. everyone should be afforded such a kind and dignified death. not just cats and dogs.

the hard part isn't dying. it's being one of the ones left behind.

goodbye Ozzy Max Forman. you were the sweetest, most affectionate cat i ever knew.


  1. I'm sorry that you had to put Ozzy down.

    It's funny the things you miss when they are no longer there, isn't it?

    I experienced my first and only death 5 years ago with our family dog, "Hershey". That was the most heart-wrenching experience for me. I even went as far as to write Hershey a letter the day before his exit.

    The letter was burned with his body when we had him cremated.

    I learned a lot from Hershey. And I still have his ashes in a nice sealed oak box, with his name, years lived, and a quote my father had put on the box;
    "Until you have loved an animal, your soul will never know love."

    I look forward to hearing about your new furry addition when you are ready to love another animal again.

    Goodbye Ozzy Max! Say hi to Hershey for me, will ya?

  2. Although I logged in to catch up, this post, the first I saw stopped me in my tracks.

    I'm so sorry, my condolences to you and your mom. It really hits home. I remember burrying my dog Jack in the rain by the light of a coleman gas lantern. It was perhaps the sadest thing that ever happened to me other then my brother dying. Pets can and do become a rooted part of a human family.

    Best regards...

  3. I am sorry that you had to go through that. I completely understand what you are feelings. It's a weird weird feeling.


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