Deep Thoughts: Limits

i know my limits. exceedingly well. and i always stay deep within them.

even times i swore then i was well beyond them, i look back, and am certain i wasn't anywhere near those margins.

it's a little bit scary when you crawl that deep inside yourself that your entire world consists of what you see from in there. a lot of darkness. a lot of words scribbling against innate lines drawn within. lines you sometimes want to cross. or erase. but they are indelibly a part of who you are. they're not barriers at all. they're sign posts. delimiting counties inside yourself. places you should go and the ones that you should just leave alone. if only you would heed their warnings.

all my limits lie outside of myself. inside i fear nothing. in here, i've been everywhere. to the bottom of the deepest canyon and the apex of the highest mountain. inside myself i am so courageous. but otuside. is a strange world. where the language is different. and the maps i follow never take me to their pormised destinations.

there is no place in myself i haven't been. although, there are some i sometimes wish i hadn't found.

i know my limits. and i often think i'd be better off if i didn't.

because when you know your limits it's all too convenient to obey them.