Deep Thoughts: Lost

can't remember at will, but sometimes they invade. paper bombs burst and pain falls like shrapnel. embedding itself into everything near. deep enough that it can't be extracted. the wounds heals over the entry point, but the object remains.

day after day becoming a part of the body it's infiltrated.

muscle grows over. bone makes its detours. the outside regenerates so that no one can tell what entered. what doesn't belong becomes integral.

but below the soft shield of humanity and dress everything has changed.

reason lurks in the tree tops waiting for the stars to rain. but the sky is parched.

hope holds its bow close to its chest, but its violin is lost.

i wake up. again and again. but the colors are still empty and the ink is still absent.

every page an inferno. every word burns with no way to extinguish.

what should've be over by now. i don't know why it isn't.

lost. like a smile no one saw. lost. a paper doll in the scissors. lost. because found isn't real.


  1. Should your words be your actions; I wonder why you are alive.

    You speak that of darkness.

    When you utter words of hope, you bleed pain and pity.

    The words you speak are expected.

    The norm.

    You possess depth. Truth.

    Yet you hide beneath your shadows of misgiving.

    You run to what is easy.

    Eloquent words;
    prison of lies.

    You have bound yourself with silent comforts.

    I see through you.


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