Deep Thoughts: Magic

the burden lies untold. the ache gurgles death as you cut its throat. how bland is the taste of life without pain. how firece is the thrust of happiness as it crawls out of its grave a vampire.

naked words with skin so pale. all the veins underlying exposed. eager to be drunk. sustain the life that no longer is real.

follow the path that starts where you end. through looming trees with branches dense. every leaf laughs as it changes. removing all that marks any direction you'd hoped to seek.

indulge the alone as it strips down to. so humble for. it wants you more than anything could. so want it back before it forgets you.

nothing was, but now all is. your darkness boils and tumbles over the edge of the cauldron you keep it in.

every spell you've cast broken. every moment had stolen.

nothing now, but the empty pot. still hot over the fire. but nothing to warm is left inside it.