Deep Thoughts: Meat

we hunt. we kill. whether we venture out with our guns into the wilderness or if we chaffeur our lazy asses to the supermarket. either way, that meat came from somewhere. and if you buy it, you can pretend you didn't kill it, but the truth is you did.

and that pasta. that rice. that killed plenty of animals too. mangled and torn apart in the harvesting process. rabbits. mice. squirrels. chipmunks. gophers. etc.

does it matter which type of animal you kill to eat. i doubt it. because we're not to blame. evolution and nature decided long before we had the logic to understnad.

of course mankind decided to balloon to such a gigantic population that grains are requires to be harvested in such a way. with huge combines that devour any living thing in their path.

in the wild, animals subsist on other animals all the time. and we say it's natural. it's the food chain. and so far as we are aware the food chain on plaent earth ends with us.

so we pontificate about morality and worry that someday something bigger, stronger, smarter will come along and take us down a peg in that hierarchy.

and i guess if there were any kind of poetic justice, it would.

but regardless, killing is killing. whether you do it up close or from a distance. and in our world, even vegetarians kill.

too many people. too much need.

humanity as a whole would probably benefit from the introduction of a higher predator.

an unpleasant concept, but if nothing else, at least we'd finally known how it feels to be born only to be eaten.

hunt if you must. but do your victims the respect of admiting you've slayed them. be it with you own hands or from aisle 11 from your grocery store.

and know, youre rice, your pasta, kill just as much.

we're an invasive race if ever there was one. spreading always like a virus. and just as fatal, left unchecked.


  1. Today's post grossed me out. In fact, I just learned that in our meats sold at the grocery store are pumped full of growth hormones and steroids. That disgusts me knowing that I have been swallowing this crap for years.

    But I am confused with your thoughts regarding grains and rice. How exactly does that affect the rabbits, mice, squirrels, etc.? Is it when they use those machines to grind through the fields?

    In either case, your post today causes me to ponder starving myself. Or better yet, start snacking on my toenails.

  2. Rice and such don't kill animals. You can avoid harming animals. Humans have a choice. Even animals do (well, you can get your pets vegan pet food).


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