Deep Thoughts: Moving On Sort Of

moving on. not actually moving on, but not mentioning it anymore.

i learned today google's creating a blog only search. how cool is that. i had been suspecting. today is was affirmed.

i learned today that people tend to latch onto their pain. cause the pain may be their only connection left to whatever was beautiful to them that's gone now.

my birthday (i turned 31) was the day after the event which i won't write of here again. not that i like birthdays anymore. but that only made it worse.

sad mom trying to take pictures. shocked bro.

he gave me a snoopy t-shirt that says "Sometimes I Just Want to Bite Someone... On the Leg". which i thought was great. i looked for a pic of it, but couldn't find a good one.

it's strange, cuz i don't feel that old. i guess no one does, but somehow i feel like i missed out on so many years. i've always been so busy having deep dark thoughts and writing them down that i've missed a lot of what life really comprises. actions. not words.

i suppose there will always be doers and thinkers. and i am one of the latter.

but somewhere along the line my life took form and possessed me instead of being within my grip. and i find myself wondering, especially when the calendar reminds, when, if ever, i'll own it again.