Deep Thoughts: Ovaltine

i hate ovaltine commercials.

they're always full of a bunch of smiling children with looks on their faces that scream i wanna drink a bunch of brown chalk... cuz it's good for me!!!!

i can spot one right away, without sound, without closed captioning for the hearing impaired. guess ovaltine only wants non-defective consumers.

i hate any commercial that subliminally allude to christian family values as the path to happiness and prosperity. it's subtle, but ovaltine commercials do. really they do.

eh, even if they don't (but they do), their commercials are still vapid and annoying. and ovaltine is gross.


  1. perhaps that's where i've gone wrong all these years . . .
    If I drank rich chocolaty ovatine--I'd be happy! Yay!
    I despise happy commericals. Especially superficial happy commercials . . .
    Especially superficial happy look-at-the-happy-christian-we-donate-to-the-fckn-church-to-make-us-feel-like-death-won't-end-our-existence-family commericals.


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