Deep Thoughts: Pinnochio

is there any kinda Guinness book record title for longest time gone without physical human contact? excluding crazy unabomber type persons. i'm not a crazy hermit who sends mail bombs. i mean, if you go nuts, the whole record holder titleship should be null and void.

you see i was watching some season two angel dvd's and then afterwards, laying there on the bed in the dark with the music, i decided it was time for some self love. but i was having a problem, cause when i closed my eyes to imagine something exciting to support the mood, i couldn't think of anything.

it's not that i can't imagine some good looking celebrity, just that i don't much care for celebs. i prefer real people. i tend to use enjoyable memories as fodder for enhancing the masturbatory process. only, all my memories are just too damn old.

i'm fairly certain i haven't touched or been touched by another human being in nearly a year. okay, there was the cheek peck with my mother on her birthday after having given her her gift. but that's just obligatory and awkward. and usually lasts all of a nanosecond because.

sure, it's my own fault. i've not sought out human contact. not that i would really know how to go about it. or even really want that.

it just got me to thinking about how i read once in some psychology book how lack of physical touch can actually impact a person's psychological and physiological health. hmmm... i don't feel any different.

there must be something very, very wrong with me. because i laugh plenty now. and never cry. but when i was getting busy with all the interpersonal touchy feely, all i ever did was cry. it was like i was a real girl or something.


  1. Hi,

    I just ran into your site while clicking the "next blog" button at the top of everyone's blog. I surf like that as if it were an obsession. Most of the time I run into lousy pitiful blogs. But tonight I ran into yours. Your blog is rich in personality, feelings and emotions. I plan on stopping by again. Have a good night.

  2. So by contact you mean you've not shaken hands with anyone, bumped anyone in an elevator, etc? Do you not go out at all?

  3. immortal, thanx. immortal beloved is one of my favorite movies.

    curiousdragon, we don't have to many elevators in south nj, except for the hospital. we like our buildings short. um, i work at home, so i don't out nearly as often as your average person.

    but you did jar a memory, i was recently cornered into shaking hands with a client's employee. dang. i'd forgotten about that. so much for my guiness record.

  4. Dude, it's like vitamin-chocked quick. How can it be anything BUT nasty?


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