Deep Thoughts: Power

like every other american who wasn't a victim of katrina i donated some dollars. no cents though. i used the amazon honor system because if you donate to red cross through them, your name and address are not revealed to the recipient. that way the charity can't nag you over and over again long after the fact.

what i resnt though is that regular people always have to help foot the bill for these tragedies. don't we give the government enough money that they can set aside some for emergencies. sure we do. but they don't set aside. they pocket and steal and god knows what else.

i mean, if someone, anyone, could just explain to me why we pay taxes, i'd be forever grateful.

there's a little welfare and medicaid as i hear. but mostly just war. lotsa killing iraqis.

well, if it's our money, oughtn't we get to decide we don't want it to go to that cause. if it's our government. of the people. for the people. by the people. oughtn't we get to decide what it does?


yeah, i've woken up from my dream now.

if anything, we belong to them.

cattle lined up for the slaughter.

don't you feel it? powerless?

we've always been.


  1. Roads, police, fire fighters, organizing businesses, etc. etc. etc.

    The vast majority of the money the government gets is well spent. Still, they waste INCREDIBLE amounts because they're inefficient and often corrupt. But it's like 5-10% prolly, I dunno.

    We DO decide where our money goes. The majority of America agrees with what's going on. It does suck to be in the minority (as I am also). We will not always be so conservative.

  2. aren't roads, police and firefighters mostly state and local gov't? i know they receive fed subsidies sometimes, but aren't the fed mostly military, foreign relations and oh yea, social security - ha!

    but the majority of people can't still agree with the war. they just can't! and isn't dubya's approval rating like 30 some percent. i'm pretty sure that's not the majority.

    you may not have noticed, but i tend to exaggerate and/or embellish when i write.

    you're so very, very logical. i shall call you spock from now on. as a term of remote, internet endearment.

    live long and prosper.

  3. Government is for taking on gigantically huge projects that no one but an idiot would ever suggest the private sector take on. You know, filleting third rate countries, providing a social safety net, keeping people from dehydrating and dying in their attics after natural disasters, things like that.

    Oh, and I'm also told government is in the business of policing ordinary people's sex lives, to prevent moral decay and shore up the self-discipline an enlightened society needs to force-feed its proles.

    Greetings, by the way, from elsewhere in Jersey.

  4. Haha. Thanks for the nickname. I've just learned how to be constantly happy and not let feelings affect my thinking.


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