Deep Thoughts: Ribbons and Bows

candy canes and stuffed rabbits. posturing to the autumn of our dissidence. we grew up as life demanded. but what has it eve done for us. other than weave lie after lie. giving us santa clauses in one breath and grim reapers the next.

could blame the parents, but why bother. they suffered as much. maybe more.

don't blame at all. instead correct. except how when we don't know what is right.

don't tell me. don't teach me. feel me instead. that we are unified in some way. as separate as all lives are, that somehow, someway, we are blessed with the ability to connect. to know that alone can never hold us hostage so long as we are both alive. even if we've never together again.

prove that everything i remember is true. that it happened and could again. given the chanace. and that you would take that chance all over again. to know how it tastes. to know what it means to be all lit up like christmas tree, full of unopened presents.

just waiting. anticipating the looks on their faces when they do. the joy of the moment. how long it can last when nurtured.

i don't need to be loved. that is one of my many weaknesses. but it's not something i wouldn't dismiss. given the chance.