Deep Thoughts: Said

just obeying the words droning in my head. nothing else to do. supplicate rather than antagnoize what is too much myself to reckon with.

just wondering how long the silence will last. how long i can last it. endurance not withstanding, still the strain heaves in dry wretches.

just time. more than i need of it bearing down on. a slow leak in the heart. deflating, but not enough.

what i can say to these strangers, but not alone. to myself. when alone is too real. this way, now, a distant nightmare.

other eyes to look upon whose colors i shall never know. whose lives will never intersect mine.

constellations in the sky. weeping on the specks below.

they are there. to catch what's dropped. but are too far away to turn this grief back on itself.

just craving that come when no hunger begs. and the stomach full still asks for more. because there is no sating empty hearts with stale bread.

writing as though i am written. as if these words can be said.