Deep Thoughts: Seasons

i can't believe it's september already. here on the beautiful jersey shore september has many meanings.

it's means labor day: the end of the tourist season. it means back to school for the kiddies. it means winter is on our heels. get the snow plows ready. it means the end of summer.

it signals the onset of the new television season. new shows to mock and not watch. new comedies to not make us laugh. and new dramas that further stress the fabric of an already stressed viewing public.

it means i'll soon be greeted with another anniversary of having lived.

i can't believe i'm going to be 31 years old. it seems like just yesterday the nurses washed the menstrual fluid off of me and the doctors counted my fingers and toes.

can i renege on being born? i never signed that contract anyway.

the seasons they change, but we don't. we're the same dead leaves we've always been. constantly falling.


  1. the season's cycle, as do our selves.
    We don't grow--we shift our outward appearance while remaining stagnant inside

  2. Frucile,

    You said: We don't grow--we shift our outward appearance while remaining stagnant inside.

    As I'm sure most people would agree with your statement, I have a different view.

    Those that stay stagnant inside I feel are those that choose that state of emotion.

    It is important that we recognize that state of complacency when it appears in our lives and realize that maybe it is time to make some changes.

    Feeling stagnant and complacent to me, are signals that we are allowing the shadows of negativity to control our emotional state.

    We have a choice to stay where we are at, or grow from the places that bring us pain.

    It's sad though, to know that there are many people that stay in that state of complacency only to become diseased trees that will one day be cut down and forgotten.


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