Deep Thoughts: Sheets

a big old sardine can, that's what ameica is. tons of tiny fishes all crammed into it. waiting for someone to pull back that tin foil and release. they think they'll be free then. they don't realize all they'll be then is dinner.


quarterly taxes are due by my birthday. what a nice gift.

conserative, liberal. that's not really the issue at all.

fair. that's what i want.

putting aside personal beliefs for the greater good.

your opinion is yours. not mine. and anyway, opinions have no place in government. all it's supposed to do is see to the needs of its constituents.

or else bleed them dry committing genocide. whichever.

it's all good.

or well, i guess it's not. can you say karma?

missouri, alabama, louisiana... all red states.

sorry, i have no sympathy for poor people that voted for bush. they made thier own beds. let them fucking lie in them.


  1. It's a matter of what people see as being the greater good. "Fair" is lovely and ideal, but when one sides thinks the greater good is the opposite of the other side's opinion . . .


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