soemthing's been brewing inside me ever since i started reading so called blogs. what is with the tiny, tiny fonts people? what's with the backgrounds upon which the text is illegible?

i don't care how novice you are, you still must have vision. eyes of your own with which to see that what you're writing can't be seen.

not everyone is running at 800x600 resolution. infact, most people aren't. 1024x768 is rapidly becoming the standard.

nine pixel fonts are TOO SMALL!

there are even those of us who have ungodly high resolutions of 1280x1024. it's a work thing. if you must have tiny fonts, please, i beg of you make them a relative size, so that changing the font size in internet explorer has an effect.

and if you insist on making your text only a shade darker than your background, do us all a favor and don't bother. you may as well have an invisible weblog. i can't tell the difference.

and please. please. and this is the most important part. don't write just because you have a forum in which to do so. write becuase you need to. not because you simply can.

and spare the rest of the world your tedium.

just stop. before you hurt yourself. or worse yet, someone else.