And the Sweep

so the sox did win it in four straight, just like my dream foretold. not much of a premonition, i admit. and highly possible regardless. i saw the last call. the runner going to first. he looked safe to me. but then again, were the stros really coming back from 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth.

dreams are funny. not ha ha. they're just strange. especially when they come to pass. ti seem there's no rhyme or reason for why they give you info in advance. i guess, if anything, it's just subconscious static. the world, the future creating interferance in our signals.

i once had a dream that we had to get the tires rotated on our car. and sure enough, if the next day, when it was taken in for an oil change, that wasn't what the mechanic said and did.

it seems kinda pointless. i'm not solving crimes here. finding unfound bodies. makes it all seem so random. not that it ever seemed otherwise. this just underscores it.

all those waves of time and life spiralling through the atmosphere. occasionally some are bound to collide.

it doesn't mean anything except you were in the right place at the wrong time.

personally, if the future sees fit to intersect with my mind while it slumbers, i'd prefer to receive the winning lottery numbers. for new jersey. for this week.

anyone listening?

yea, i didn't think so.

but anyway, i still am. listening. for whatever it's worth.


  1. Heh, my dreams are also pointless when they come true. In one of these dreams, I dreamed about a bread cart you see int he grocers. Another time I dreamed about eating sausages. How bloody pointless is that? Seriously?

    The dreams that come true always seem to revolve around the incredibly mundane and pointless. Like talking about socks or something. Looks like you and I are in the same club.


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