Deep Thoughts Again

you hate your mother, but you're just like her. you used me to gain what independence you could. and then resented me when it wasn't enough.

all the while idolizing him. the prodigal son.

i don't know how to feel love because no one ever taught me. i only know how to feel pain. and alone. because you've made me an expert.

the last time we talked was at the crystal diner on the corner of routes 9 and 37 in toms river.

since then words have been exchanged, but nothing said.

not because we can't. or we shouldn't. because clearly we should have. but neither of us seems to possess neither the desire nor the strength.

maybe it's just as well.

i'll never be the one who helped you release yourself. i'll always be the next prsion you entered after that.

because you look at me and all you've ever seen is him.

i'm not. only you'll never know it.


  1. I wondered if this was about your mom.

    But I'm probably way off.


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