Deep Thoughts: Air Pressure

i have no deep thoughts. just this one that clutches me now. that what i felt then is gone. that what i feel now will soon be.

fleeting like the seasons are.

everything changes. but not because.

some things leave and don't return.

while others run away and run right back.

the why only lending to how much they need what they don't have.

i have no deep thoughts. only broken premonitions. of happiness that almost was. and nights that entailed more than this.

alone doesn't hurt. there is no pain in it. it's together that decapitates eager hearts. as they lay themselves under that rusty blade.

for all the things there are to want in the world, i see no merit in any of them.

for all the people who have left their footprints in this soil. i see no reason they should remain.

if it so happens that i indulged the moment that was all it was. and until they prove me wrong i'll stiick to that notion. that all those tires are driving on a slow leak. all deflating. some just losing air faster than others.


  1. Where the truth lies:
    We are vain and in our vanity we forget that there is more…..the outside is just a surface that we must scrape away to reveal the truth. But we do not necessarily want to hear the truth so we look no further beyond the surface and forget that there is more. And when the truth is forgotten it gets angry and finally escapes to bring horrible wrath on the person that forgot it! It seeks revenge……and it will find!


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