Deep Thoughts: Anchors

i'm shaky, but i haven't lost my balance yet. you know how it is when nothing in your life is willing to make sense.

i guess the words came out as they should, but it wasn't my words that mattered.

because i'm just one side of the coin. and the other is always there. doesn't matter on which face it lands. we all lose something.

i think i made him someone he didn't want to be and he didn't have the heart to admit. it must've been hard giving up someone who wanted him so much

i think he saved himself despite how he felt about me. and though i'd have rather have been the one to save him, i always knew i was the rescue mission.

he must've wanted to save me because i know he tried. and i was sad to disappoint him. but the world is not so simple as just sink or swim.

if only it were. then i wouldn't have to think about how i failed you. and you would ever worry about how far i've fallen.

i could tell you i'm all right, but you wouldn't believe me. so instead i push you away. because you shouldn't have to be aboard when this ship sinks. the anchor is the one thing that should remain.