Deep Thoughts: Feminity

there is no such thing as a good romantic comedy.

no such thing as a happy poet.

no such thing as love. just want. need. desire.

it occured to me, i have no shoes. no boots. just sneakers. two pairs.

i am a poor excuse for an adult. even poorer excuse for a female.

i own no makeup. no curling irons. no thongs. no bras. no pantyhose. no skirts. no dresses. no peasant tops. are those still in style?

but i think, all those things are just the trappings of a society that has defined women in such a gender specific way. more importantly though, they are, the impositions and degredations, that 99$ of females have adopted as their feminine dogma.

why don't we convince men they should shave their armpits, their legs. a hairy armpit isn't really appealing on anyone. male, female or otherwise. why? because women are still as acquiescent and subordinate as they've ever been.

they can have their big time careers. their badass cars. their fat bank accounts, but in the end, when work is over and intimacy is what they want, 9 out of every 10 of those so-called power-women shed it all the second they walk through the bedroom/kitchen door.

i just find it all kinda sad. that for whatever their talents, most women still feel compelled to be 'beautiful'. to have the hair. the eyes. the heels. while their men saunter through life in raggedy jeans and stained t-shirts. all hairy and content to be.

and i wonder who is really at fault for all this. cuz i could pin it on the men and say they make women feel like they need to. but the world wouldn't stop. dating wouldn't cease. sex wouldn't go extinct were women to stop all their beautifying rituals. so i guess. i guess, women are the still the victims, as they always have been, of themselves.

no more liberated now than when they were being clubbed over the head. only the club has changed hands.


  1. I wonder what it would be like if we were all born without the ability to see?

    Our sight seems to deceive many of us into believing things that are pointless. Comparing ourselves to others. Wanting something because it is attractive and colorful. Judging others by their appearances.

    Would not having sight be all that bad?

  2. As I see it.. we women kind of create the image of how a woman should look and be. Most female magazines are made by women for women and spreading a certain view on how it should be, which is far from how it looks in reality.

    Also, I think that many women fight not to fit the model, but in the end ends up trying to fit it anyway.. maybe it's just our nature to behave in a certain womenish way to please men... 'cause who want's to end up alone.

    Evolution.. through generation women have always been trying to please men, maybe we aren't as free and liberate as we think. In the end of 2000 women then may think women at our time are more confined than we can see ourself at the moment.

    My english ain't very good, but I hope I made some sense with my comment on your interesting entry...

    Wish you the best!


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