Deep Thoughts: Flow

the stream runs south. away from where we are. carrying all those moments with it as it trundles off to where i know not.

the water shows you yourself as you look upon. never lets you see what lies within. like everything, everyone does.

moving. always moving. not to go somewhere. just to escape where they're been.

not alive. not dead. flowing. relentlessly, like so much static inside my head. words in the noise i can't decipher. faces in the signals too familiar to recognize.

the stream has its start. and its end. but we'll never know it. we'll always been here at its center.

seeing ourselves in the surface as we stare. lost in the music of its run. looking. always searching, but never to know what it has hidden in there.

life flows, one moment to the next without regard for grief or permanence.

life flows in a stream. as we look into, but cannot see.