Deep Thoughts: Little Things

we reason. we coax meaning from limp hearts. all the while so sure every word is paramount.

it's the little words that transpire. that conjugate between us. ticking like alarm clocks. as we sleep until so harsh they wake us up.

we scream. we yell. blood bubbling over. burning those that stand near.

the cauldron is full of spells. but the witches are too busy with.

don't try to make me happy. just accept that you can't.

don't show me love. it's more meat than i can chew. instead, if you must show something. let it be compasssion.

that is the most i stand.


  1. The little things are what matters most.

    Little things are the things that build mountains in our hearts.

    The cauldron.

    That fucking cauldron you speak of.

    Tis' a pot of garbage.

    But even garbage tastes like candy.


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