Deep Thoughts: Luxury

don't you know me. how i am. in your grip. as i've always been. not changed. just moving. fetus struggling against.

have we not. swallowed that paint as it was drying. let those colors set in. to walls too white. walls too naked.

as if tomorrow would ever allow for such weakness. as if lovers could somehow manage friendship. were we that srong. we, i, well, then, i wouldn't need you at all. or anyone else.

just a portrait i couldn't paint. a phrase i couldn't finish. as the clouds loomed overhead. too ready to drench us. but we never did anything wrong. we only tried to, but failed to live. if that's a crime everyone is guilty.

because the world moves so fast. and these words they fall behind. they wear their boots, but the soles are too thin.

they leave their footprints in the mud. but it's all washed away when the next storm happens.

i haven't lost you. i just never held you to your promise.

because we don't have that luxury.

we don't have anything with eachother that we didn't have without.