Deep Thoughts: No One

alone now? no, always. sharp swords draw my blood, but none do i wield. blunt. i skate across their willing flesh, but leave no mention that i'd been. jagged fingers feel not spurious attempts at reconciliation. more raindrops i cannot catch.

numbers ask. how long now since. eternity. all life before and since. doused in this sulfuric fluid. and flames all about waiting to ignite.

to scorch again what is already burned beyond recognition.

where are they now? where have they ever been other than inside my flesh. as it puckers and tenses to accomodate what never belonged there.

as it deflates in their exit. all stretched out unable to assume again its former shape.

hanging limply from these bones. in folds of emptiness it wheezes. not knowing how to fill those spaces that they made.

alone. it covers and consumes. as day by day everything is stripped away.

there is no one now. there never was.