Deep Thoughts: Power

the world seems to deal in extremes. of either view. maybe, perhaps that's just what the media and those in control would have us believe.

extremists are the minority. on either side. only they yell the loudest. they are the most passionate for their causes afterall.

while the moderates remain entangled in auspicious debates. arguments that lead only to knew disagreements.

is america becoming a theocracy? it sure seems that way. it's no longer about conservativism or liberalism. it's about religion and the definition of morality.

i always used to figure we were making progress. cause it always seemed we were. i mean, thoeretically, you can't kill gay people anymore, just for being gay and not go to jail. you can't lynch a black man without repercussions. depending on the state you're in.

i think it's not so much about morality anymore as it is simply about greed. and power. it's always been about power. always will be.

wealth breeds power. and pwoer flaunts the ability to shape the world in your own vision.

the current administration may well be as christian as they say they are. they sure back it up with their supreme court appointments. that is probably one of their agendas. but i think the bigger agenda is wealth and in turn with wealth power.

they may worhsip god every sunday, but the other six days of the week they worship the almighty dollar. i can't prove this. i'm not privy to any of their secrets, but i know this in my gut. and you can scoff at me if you want to. what do your guts know? idiot. but i know our world is changing. and not for the better recently.

and you know what's really sad, it's not just them. it's everyone who's ever sought any kind of real power. ask yourself, if i were it that position wouldn't i be corrupted. of course you would and so would i because we're essentially, all of us, creatures of want.

the only difference being what we seek.

thomas jefferson once said a revolution is neccessary every hundred years or so to eliminate corruption in government. i believe him. i just don't understand why no one else does. there are far more citizens than there are leaders. we've always had more power. we just havne't been using it.


  1. And with that the death of the always false American Dream

  2. America has always been a theocracy.

    Tis just now that it has become more apparent.

    You said: I always used to figure that we were making progress.

    We are making progress. It's just that many of us refuse to see it. We want to see it now, in mass production. However, it happens bit by bit, piece by piece. Not all at once.

    It is what you interpret it to be.

    You are also correct when you mention the fact that life has become about greed. Greed is power, and power is a tremendous driving force. Yet power is overrated. You can never have enough power. There is always that addiction lingering and taunting you for more.

    "we've always had more power. we just haven't been using it."

    You're right. We haven't been using it.

    Why should we? Many have tried to use that 'power' you speak of. They speak of their gut. Their conscience. Yet they are scoffed at.

    So many of these people live silently hoping for a revolution to pass.


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