Deep Thoughts: Spy in the White House

bullshit there was a spy in the white hosue. i guess anything could happen, but i don't think this actually did.

diversions. scare tactics. that's what i see.

communisism and coups. isn't that a weird word? coup? cuz it sounds like the other coo. like a baby coos. all innocent. and yet, a coup is a very, very bad thing. go figure.

i've long since given up on the media actually reporting the truth. so idon't really know what to think.

but if the bush administration at the 11th hours says there's a spy, needless to say, i'm ssspicious.

if some political guy goes on tv to say there are coups in the works and communusism afoot, then i just have to laugh.

communism is still evil in the united states. who knew? while i accept it's not really a workable solution for the problems of society as a whole, i cannot agree that it's evil. it's a visionary concept. but it doesn't work because the world is full of selfish people.

somone wake mccarthy up out of his grave cuz his time has finnally come. again.