Deep Thoughts: Was

so are you? am i? these papier mache reproductions of lives once solid. if not whole.

clown eyes in the corner of the bedroom as lust would condemn itself. and need shuffled its assorted aces.

clown eyes with tears pencilled in below. bleeding into clean cheeks as the humidity rose.

it's cold in here, but there is heat from every corner. small infernos that wait patiently for their strength to grow.

dogged hours with nothing better to do, but explain how unfortunate they must be to have been alloted to us.

as we take. always take away from. leaving ruins in our wake. but never learn how to build.

that loss is the seed we are meant sow. that in some lives it grows like weeds do. so plentiful.

alone always coaxes, but i know. it's not what i am, only what i trust.

if truth is self-evident. and time has mercy for those that lack the reason to believe.

i won't wake up, but i'll never dream again.


  1. I think you'll dream.

    I think you dream still.

    You'd never admit though...


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