Extra Innings

so i'm watching game 3 of the world series. didn't see the other two. haven't followed baseball much since 93 when the phillies lost the world series to the expos (what is the expos?) while i was busy graveyard shifting at the 7-11 across the street.

but i had a dream the other night, for no apparent reason whatsoever, except to make me watch baseball, that the sox win in 4 straight. i don't care who wins. though, i guess i'd prefer a chicago team over a texas team. course now i'm curious to see if the dream is legit.

with the tie score at 5-5 in the top of the ninth it's anyone's guess if the 2-0 lead the sox have in the series will increase to 3-0.

personally i think the sox pulled their pitcher too soon. the starter (Petitte?) gave up one walk and he was out. and by now they've been through a whole crap load of relievers.

i've always liked baseball. much like life it can often seem very slow moving. there's lots of figetting, dilly dallying and ball scracthing involved. and just when you get tired of waiting for something interesting to happen the drama erupts.

they showed an old lady dancing in the stands with her hands over her ears. it was quite a sight. then they showed a guy praying. literally praying, presumably for the stros to win it. as if, if there were an actual god, such trivialities would be on its agenda. really people, how fucking egomaniacal can you be to think that some omniscient, life and death controlling being gives a crap about whether or not your team wins.

yea, they're fans were better. they prayed more. that's why they won. kinda eliminates the whole talent and strategy aspect of it all. and we're all, everyone of us, left as nothing but pawns in some otherwordly chess game.

that has always bothered me. how people pray for all kindsa selfish, useless crap. even though i'm not religious, that still offends me. the overdose of balls and ego it takes to think the supposed ruler of all the world will care because you want some self-centered, pointless favor.

this is where religion originated from in the first place. the human mentality that we're so damn important. we're better than everything else on the planet.

oh, just get over yourselves.

looks like we're going into extra innings. guess god favors drama over prayers.


  1. I didn't know where to write this.. so I've put it on this entry on the top...

    I really enjoy reading what you write and your 'deep thoughts' that you put into words. I myself is a 'thinker' of all kind of various issues, but I'm having problems on how to get my thoughts and feelings down into words and understandable sentences..

    So, I admire your ability to get it down.. keep up with the good blogging...


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