Deep Thoughts: Compensation

what i don't get is stuff? all the stuff people want. all the commercials and magazine ads that hock the stuff. cars, suvs, big houses, jewelry, shoes, dresses, jeans.

what's the purpose of having so much stuff? such nice stuff? how does it make your life better? yourself happier?

or are the people who buy all this stuff just so stupid they don't realize it won't change anything except the amount of money they have left to spend on more stuff that promises to, but never does compensate for whatever it is in their lives they lack.

cuz i know a good deal about lacking and voids. want without fulfillment is almost my religion. so it bothers me that most people can appease their needs via such shallow methods. that indicates a vast shortcoming in the entirety of the human race.

if those dimaond earrings. if those designer jeans are enough there must be something missing in that person that makes other humans unable to fulfill their needs.

if you must drive that big suv. if you must have all the pretty shoes. it's not other people who've let you down. it's you who is inadequate.

Compensation works both ways.


  1. I'm right there with you. I don't understand others desires to have so many things.

    They are temporary. They are overrated.

    They're no different than the toys children yearn for every Christmas. They get it. Play with it for a little while; and then they throw it away.

    I wonder how the priorities of a person would change after spending time in a third world country.

  2. People are trying to fill a void with stuff that actually is never filled. Then they buy more and more and more and more. Then they have so much shit they go on shows like Clean Sweep and Clean House and get rewarded for filling their voids with shit.


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