Free Blogger Template Black Box 3 Column Template

free blogger template black/purple 3 column
My latest free blogger template: a black and purple design with three columns instead of the usual two.
    Other Features:

  1. Titles of posts link to post pages.

  2. Link hovers change color.

  3. Comments links on main and archive pages link to comment section on post pages and not to the generic blogger comment pages.

  4. Color matched scrollbars.

  5. Scaling design widens/contract with browser window. Fits neatly inside 800x600 maximized resolution or anything larger.

  6. All required images are hosted by Blogger photos; no need to edit any image references in the template nor to download any images

Here is the template text:

    To use the new template:

  1. Click in the template box above > Ctrl+A (to select all) > Ctrl+C (to copy)

  2. Login to and click the edit settings button for your blog

  3. Click the template link

  4. Put your cursor inside the template scroll box and hit Ctrl+A to select all and Ctrl+V to paste the new template over the old one.

Always save a copy of your original template before pasting in a new one.

    To save your original template:

  1. Login to and click the edit settings button for your blog

  2. Click the template link

  3. Put your cursor inside the template scroll box and hit Ctrl+A to select all and Ctrl+C to copy

  4. Open a new wordpad doc and Ctrl+V your original template into the file

  5. Save as any name you like to your harddrive.

As always all I ask is that if you use one my templates you let me know by emailing me the url of the blog where you're using it. Or if you're uncomfortable emailing, then leave a comment to let me know.


  1. That is really freaking cool. You do excellent work.

    I think I may actually use that one, if it is okay. Maybe but I fear change..... :-D

  2. I really like this one too. My only issue is that I wonder if the images I download will not have the same effect with such a dark background.

    I really like this one though. Kudos.

  3. LNF, if you want to use it go ahead. that's why i put em here. but always remember to save a backup of your current template before installing any new one.

  4. I've been struggling for days trying to add an additional sidebar. Would you mind if I used your template with modifications? I would, of course, give you full credit in the sidebar.

  5. Hello, using your template here:


  6. I have used this template on today. Thanks the blog looks great.

  7. it gives me xml error
    please make sure all xml elements are closed

  8. it's a classic blogger template. it will not work as a new blogger template.

    if you want to use it you have to switch to classic template mode.

  9. This is really helpful for me.Thanks a lot for solving my problem.

  10. Thanks to this template..looks great ;)

    ~me and Adam


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