Secret Anonyblog

i've been posting the blogger templates which no one will probably ever use (self-pity sigh), but i haven't really been posting any so called Deep Thoughts lately. there's a very good reason for that though.

there are a lot of things which i want to write about, but am not comfortable writing about them here in a blog that is so easily indentifiable as belonging to me.

so i've created a secret anonyblog that doesn't give away its author's identity. course i can't give the url here cause, duh, then it wouldn't be secret and anonymous anymore.

i realize this site doesn't get too many regular visitors, but i do know there are a few. so for the one or two people out there actually interested in my supposed Deep Thoughts you can email me and if i'm certain i don't know you outside of cyberspace and you don't know anyone i know, i'll send you the link to this secret, anonyblog.

just send an email to fancieratoms at with secret anonyblog as the subject.


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