Where Have All the Whatever Gone

Where have all the deep thoughts gone? They've high-tailed it on over to the secret anonyblog. And this one's just been filled with blogger templates. The direct result of me having too much time on my hands and being bored of freecell.

But I would like to say this...

To those who wrote and asked about the other blog, thanx. To those who used the templates, cool. Almost, almost, but not quite, makes it all worthwhile.

And last, has anyone from the bush administration lost their job yet? (Rove) Gone to jail? (Rove) Perhaps suffered a slight pay cut? (Rove)

Yeah, I thought not.

Where have all the Woodward and Bernstein's gone?

Clinton was nearly impeached for simply having sexual relations with someone other than his wife.

Nixon had to resign because he secretly recorded conversations. But as I recall he was the guy who ended the war in Vietnam, not the guy who started it.

And yet, a guy who starts a war he can't end and openly proclaims God speaks to him is perfectly okay to leave in charge.

I would like to return to the mothership now. Can anyone you hear me?


  1. Heh. When you flag down the mothership, can you remind me to grab a towel and beam me up too?

  2. I think as far as the Clinton thing, it wasn't because he had sex "with that woman", but that he lied about it. Still wasn't anyone elses business anyway.

    The rest, I absolutely couldn't agree more. Just why 'hasn't' anyone in the Bush Admin had consequence? I have feared a Bush presidency from the get go and have only dreaded every day he's held office since. And .. Cheney? What a creepy evil fucker he is eh?

    But wait.. just a cotten pickin' minute.. Bush started a war?.... *blinks*... but but but..

    "See, free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction." —George W. Bush, Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 3, 2003

    Oh yeah, free nations. That doesn't include us. Carry on.

  3. kelly - i will most certainly alert you when if ever it should arrive.

    suzie - yea cool. thanx for the laugh. but clinton only lied about it cuz he was afraid of getting in trouble if he didn't lie.

    america so isn't very free. but they drill it into our heads from k-12, most people just end up brainwashed.

    if only it were easier to pack up and leave.

  4. Silly wabbit. Course we're not free. But it is sad that alot of people still allow themselves to be spoonfed the bullshit they feed us. Yeah, yeah, we have alot of luxuries that others don't, but we are still a far stretch from free.

    I forget where I found this, but it's fairly right on.

    do we live in a free country?

    Consider the following.

    In a free country, taxation would be well-nigh non-existent. You could keep what you earned and you could spend, save, invest and donate as you saw fit. You would have far more money with which to solve your own problems.

    In a free country, there would not be 20,000-plus laws on the books infringing – and even denying – the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Crime would plummet as criminals would never know who was armed.

    In a free country, you could educate your children as you saw fit, without asking anyone’s permission. You could home school you kids if you wanted. Catholics could send their kids to the Our Lady of Mercy School; Baptists could send their kids to the Obadiah Baptist School; Mormons could send their kids to the Joseph Smith school; Muslims could send their kids to the Allah Akbar School; believers in Mungabunga could send their kids to Mungabunga school. If you are not spiritual, you could send your kids to the Whitney Houston School -- “Where the children are the future” – or to the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young School – “Where we teach your children well”. Prayer, declining academic standards, evolution, creation, condoms, gay curricula, busing, standardized testing, bullying, discipline, dress codes and all the other debates surrounding education today would cease to be social issues.

    In a free country, businesses would not be crushed in a regulatory vise grip. Millions of jobs would stay here in America rather than going to Honduras and Bangladesh.

    In a free country, the military would be used strictly for national defense. We would not have troops in 135 countries. We would heed the Founders’ advice and steer clear of foreign alliances, which have been nothing but trouble anyway. We would withdraw from the United Nations and all its subsidiary organizations. Terrorism would cease to be a threat: when we stop throwing our weight around “over there”, hatred and resentment toward the United States will be far, far less.

    In a free country, we would not have the world’s highest incarceration rate.

    In a free country, jurors could judge not only the facts pertaining to a given case, but also the law relevant to that case. If Juror Smith thought Defendant Jones was being tried under a stupid law, Juror Smith could vote to acquit on that basis and that basis alone. The prison population would plummet.

    In a free country, the value of money would be tied to gold or silver. The Federal Reserve Bank would be shut down. We would not see our savings and our futures eroded by inflation. And we would not owe bazillions of dollars to folks who already have bazillions of dollars.

    In a free country, it would take neither a village nor a police state to raise a child. Government would not act in loco parentis for an absentee Mommy and Daddy. Parents would be responsible for raising their own children. Most of the problems we have with kids today – sex, drugs, violence – would be greatly minimized.

    In a free country there would be no war on drugs. Drug profits and street crime would plummet. It would not be the government’s job to keep people off of drugs. It would be the job of parents, churches, Mungabunga temples, etc. Back when it was this way, there was almost no “drug problem” at all. (If the Mungabunga people smoke that hooch in their rituals, they would be free to do so without fear of DEA harassment.)

    In a free country, we would not constantly be relinquishing our freedom in exchange for security. People would know that the greatest threat to their security comes from their own government.

    In a free country, if a state decided it had had enough of rule by Washington, D.C., it could secede from the union without fear of reprisal.

    In a free country, there would be no law forbidding what you could ingest into your body. If a certain medication worked, your doctor could recommend it and you could take it without fear of punishment.

    In a free country, there would be no welfare state, no education state and no medical state. There would not be a permanent underclass, the quality of education would be vastly improved, and medicine would be far less expensive. Moreover, immigrants would know that coming to America would mean either sink or swim. Deadbeats would not come here looking for a handout. And all immigrants would, out of necessity, learn English.

    In a free country, there would be no minimum wage. Millions of jobs would be created in the inner cities overnight. Congressmen, senators, and other government workers would be paid what they are worth.

    In a free country, there would be no Selective Service System. Threats of a draft would meet with furious resistance, not lame justifications.

    In a free country, there would be no Patriot Act. There would be no "sneak and peek" warrants. The authorities would have to obtain a warrant to review your bank accounts and e-mails. Habeas Corpus would be secure.

    In a free country, there would be no surrender of sovereignty to entities like the UN, where we can be outvoted 2-1 by such paragons of personal freedom as Sudan and North Korea. Our troops would not be involved in UN sponsored wars. Moreover, things like NATO and the International Criminal Court would no longer have any relevance.

    In a free country, there would be no “promise” of Social Security at age 62 or 65 or 67 or … how far back will they have moved it when you reach your golden years? You could take that same money and put it in the most profitable private sector investments you could find. Furthermore, you would not be constantly tracked by means of your Social Security Number.

    In a free country, you would only be punished if you inflicted physical harm on somebody else. Rick Stanley would never have been arrested and Martha Stewart would be a free woman. Randy Weaver’s wife and son would still be alive. The Branch Davidians would be living in peace on the outskirts of Waco. Non-violent drug offenders would not waste away in prison, while convicted rapists and murderers went free.

    In a free country, churches would truly be exempt from taxation, which would be minimal to begin with. The IRS would not have conducted raids on the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Dr. Kent Hovind’s creation science theme park and other ministries that have not kissed up to the government in order to be tax exempt. Indeed, there would be no IRS.

    In a free country, we would not have adopted nine of the ten “planks” of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. How have we done this? (1)

    In a free country, your property rights would not be under attack. (Plank 1) There would be no zoning laws. You could not lose your home or business for failure to pay taxes. There would be no EPA harassment of landowners over “wetlands” and other issues. The FEDGOV would not be the nation's largest landowner.

    In a free country, there would be no progressive income tax. (Plank 2) Again, there would be no IRS. Period.

    In a free country, there would be no inheritance tax. (Plank 3)

    In a free country, there would be no confiscation of property of those who resisted the powers that be. (Plank 4) Consider what they did to my friend Rick Stanley. (2)

    In a free country, there would not be a central bank. (Plank 5) There would be no Federal Reserve and there would not a multi-zillion dollar national debt.

    In a free country, there would be no government control of communications and transportation. (Plank 6) There would be no FCC, DOT, ICC, etc. Airports would not be mini-police states.

    In a free country, there would be no government intrusion in manufacturing and agriculture. (Plank 7) There would be no Department of Labor or Department of Agriculture. Your business could not be shut down for OSHA violations. There would be no federal farm subsidies or price supports.

    In a free country, there would be no federal control of labor. (Plank 8) There would be no National Labor Relations Board, no minimum wage laws, no affirmative action or racial quotas.

    The merger of agriculture and industry (Plank 9) is tough to explain in one short paragraph. The centralizers can only be happy that farming is increasingly controlled by conglomerates that are far more likely to kiss up to the FEDGOV than a family that has worked the same piece of land for three generations.

    In a free country, the government would not be in control of education. (Plank 10) I am fond of pointing out to people that, while neither the Bible nor any of America’s Founding documents say anything about state education, you will find state education as a policy prescription of the Communist Manifesto.

    So there you have it.

    America is not a free country.

    You might get a kick out of this, maybe you've already seen - anywho:


  5. Hello Deepthoughts...Long time no blog, read your last post can see you`re well. For Gods sake someone get Suzie a qualude. That silly cat Buster has a new post, thought you`d want to know.

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  7. Clinton lied ,because that what a gentleman does.
    A man never should kiss and tell.
    Thats is what we we're taught.


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